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​​​Natalie is a self-taught artist who was introduced to scratchboards in 2004. Her work has been displayed and sold in New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and the US.  

Scratchboards are made up a thin layer of kiln-dried clay, covered in (usually) black ink. Images are created by carefully etching to remove the ink and expose the clay underneath. Natalie’s favourite choice of tools include scalpels, exacto blades, nail files, sand paper.

Natalie’s love for horses, wildlife and the outdoors is portrayed in her subject choices. “Scratching every hair, every muscle, brings me right up to the animal as though I’m touching them, even though I’m actually in my studio indoors.”

Being a scratchboard artist has its hazards, like getting searched at airport security because you forgot you had scalpel blades in your purse still. It also has its perks, being that your choice of tools is only limited by your imagination... e.g. one can still scratch on
a plane as long as one has safety pins and a pen handle!

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2011 Northwest Originals
2009 New Zealand
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